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ShakeUp Your Community For Christ

In a culture that’s bombarding our children and youth with unprecedented pressures, temptations and hopeless options, it’s more important than ever that Christians, young and old, share the one who can meet the deepest needs of kids and families in your community: Jesus Christ.

The Great ShakeUP™ is an annual, four-week program that equips leaders, parents and clubbers to reach more kids for Christ and get them into your Awana® clubs at little or no cost to the church.

Weeks 1 and 2 – Clubbers learn Pass the SALT™, a practical way to invite friends to Awana:

Search: Identify friends that don’t know Jesus.
Ask: Ask God for them to be able to come to club.
Link: Be a link to Jesus – invite friends.
Transport: Give them a lift to club!

Week 3 – Clubbers’ parents get directly involved.

Week 4 is the big EVENT – a special club night when clubbers, leaders and parents pull together to share the gospel with kids who desperately need Christ.

The classic Awana Clubs® mottos – “The other boy for Christ” and “The other girl for Christ” – sum up the purpose of The Great ShakeUP: teaching kids to reach kids with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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